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Should you Sign that Physician Employment Agreement? (Video)

Jamaal Jones, Esq. discusses what Physicians should look for in their Physician Employment Agreements prior to signing so that they can negotiate terms of the Agreement that are unfavorable to the Physician. Watch this video to learn how to receive more vacation time, greater compensation, and shorter restrictive covenants. ...

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Medical Treatment Reaches New Heights with Ambulance Drones (Video)

Ambulance drones are the way of the future. People have a love hate relationship with drones. Some fear their preying eye into our private lives while others see their utility. Unfortunately, for those that wish them gone I have to tell you that in my opinion they are here to stay. In fact, the government is drafting various laws to protect the rights of individuals as the use of drones are rising steadily. They may seem like a thing of science fiction. We’ve seen movies where flying police robots aka drones are able to disperse crowds or take out targets....

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