Keys to Successfully Operating a Multi-Disciplinary Medical Practice

Throughout Florida, a healthy number of licensed healthcare practitioners and healthcare entrepreneurs are joining or investing in multi-disciplinary practices for numerous reasons. The primary reason for their foray into this modern approach to the delivery of medicine is usually due to the rising costs of administering treatment. They are attracted to the idea of increasing revenue, minimizing administrative duties, and partnering with like-minded individuals that may grow their individual practice. However, there are several business and legal challenges that members of a multi-disciplinary practice must consider prior to participating in the practice.

Legal Eligibility Requirements for the Terminally Ill to Receive Hospice Care (Video)

Hospice means a public agency or private organization primarily engaged in providing hospice care. Hospice care includes palliative care and they are used in unison by an interdisciplinary group to provide physical comfort and emotional and spiritual support to terminally ill patients and their families. Hospice care is focused on caring for the patient and not curing them.

Let’s face it, hospice is grim and the outlook is bleak, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared for it. In order to do so, it is important to determine how the law may affect your loved one’s eligibility, patient rights, and duration of benefits for hospice care.

General Partnership vs Joint Venture (Video)

Clients often come to my office very excited about a new business that they are hoping to start or purchase from an existing owner. Many times they need financial help, the expertise and knowledge of someone else with experience in the industry, or a combination of both. As a Corporate Attorney, I’ve drafted numerous contracts and agreements throughout the years in an effort to protect my clients while they achieve their company goals. I can appreciate the different types of contracts and the terms contained therein in a way that some of my clients cannot. Sometimes I have to tell them to take step back and really consider all of their options so that they are happy with the arrangement for the duration of the agreement.

For example, a client recently came to me asking to draft corporate documents for them, but also told me that they were looking for an investor to partner up with them for the acquisition of a restaurant. After discussing the pros and cons of having a partner vs. obtaining alternative financing (i.e. bank loan) we discussed the type of relationship they would like to enter into. I asked them if they would like to enter into a General Partnership or a Joint Venture with the prospective partner. This was not something that they considered and they didn’t have a clue about what I was referring to. I thought that it would be useful to highlight the major differences between the two in this post.

The Sobering Reality About Substance Abuse Rehab Centers (Video)

Prescription drug companies and alcoholic beverage companies spend millions of dollars annually on researching, testing, and marketing their products. Typically, illegal drug dealers don’t spend millions (if any) money on research, testing, and marketing of their drugs. Regardless of the difference in the amounts of money spent by companies and dealers to attract consumers to purchase the products that they sell — these companies generate significant revenue and profits year after year. Despite many warnings, consumers of these products often become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Savvy entrepreneurs realize that millions of Americans are seeking treatment but desire exclusivity, privacy, and in many cases luxury. Rehab center owners market their rehab centers and tout their luxury accommodations and private shuttle services to name a few of the amenities. Visitors seeking treatment for substance abuse pay for their treatment: (1) out-of-pocket; (2) through private insurance companies; or (3) federal program payors, such as Medicare. The cost for treatment varies greatly. There are luxury rehab centers but on the other end of the spectrum there are no-frills treatment centers without all of the extras.

If you multiply these fees by the number of people seeking treatment you quickly realize how profitable drug and alcohol treatment can be. However, entrepreneurs looking to break into the big business of substance abuse rehab centers shouldn’t be blinded by the potential pot of gold waiting for them because fines and penalties for improper operation of the facility may put your company out of business.

Owners and operators of these rehab centers must ensure that they are complying with applicable Florida laws or they will face penalties and fines.

Medical Treatment Reaches New Heights with Ambulance Drones (Video)

Ambulance drones are the way of the future. People have a love hate relationship with drones. Some fear their preying eye into our private lives while others see their utility. Unfortunately, for those that wish them gone I have to tell you that in my opinion they are here to stay. In fact, the government is drafting various laws to protect the rights of individuals as the use of drones are rising steadily. They may seem like a thing of science fiction. We’ve seen movies where flying police robots aka drones are able to disperse crowds or take out targets. Drones come in all shapes, sizes, and functions. One of which is the ambulance drone and the possibility of entrepreneurs to turn these drones into a business is ripe if they can stay within the confines of applicable law.