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Do I need to Register to Perform In-Office Surgeries in Florida

Developments of new drugs and medical technology have enabled physicians to perform treatments and procedures in the comfort of medical offices that were once only able to be performed in hospital settings. To confirm whether obtaining an Office Surgery License is required for your office to perform these surgeries you must carefully examine the rules on office surgeries because they have changed recently.   The Office Surgery Rule On June 25, 2019, Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 732 into law. This rule provides guidance on how office procedures can be performed. It also delivers certain standards for these offices and requires that...

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How to Open a Group Home for Children, Disabled Persons, and the Elderly in Florida

What is A Group Home? A group home by definition is a residence that offers full time care for those who are unable to care for themselves. Group homes offer assistance for those who are unable to care for themselves due to age or medical disability and can’t be cared for by family members. Group homes are usually smaller than other care facilities with more centralized care and fewer residents (usually 6 beds or under). Typically, 24-hour care and supervision is provided by at least one caregiver around the clock. Group Homes are not typically responsible for the personal care of residents...

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Florida LLC Conversion: Relocating a Business from another state to Florida

Transitioning out of state is a major business decision. As a business owner, there are usually numerous difficult decisions to be made with a permanent or long-term move. Not only can relocating your business to a different state be more convenient, but it can be beneficial for numerous reasons. Benefits of Relocation Some of the potential benefits include: (1) reduced or no state income taxes and (2) paying less for services or merchandise. Fortunately, in Florida the transition is not difficult. Another major benefit to conversion is that the company is allowed to maintain the original Tax ID. For an established company,...

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Can a Florida Licensed Dental Hygienist Administer Anesthesia to Patients Without Supervision?

According to Florida Statute 466.023(1), Only dental hygienists may be delegated the task of removing calculus deposits, accretions, and stains from exposed surfaces of the teeth and from the gingival sulcus and the task of performing root planing and curettage. In addition, dental hygienists may expose dental X-ray films, apply topical preventive or prophylactic agents, and perform all tasks delegable by the dentist in accordance with s. 466.024. The board by rule shall determine whether such functions shall be performed under the direct, indirect, or general supervision of the dentist.   Section (3) of the aforementioned Florida Statute, states that dental hygienists may,...

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Florida Legal Requirements for an Adult Family Care Home

Adult Family Care Homes are Agency for Health Care Administration (“AHCA” or Agency) licensed facilities that provide care to disabled adults and frail elders in a family-type living environment. These adults choose to live with an individual or a family in a private home. One key distinction between an Assisted Living Facility and an Adult Family Care Home (“AFCH”) is that the Provider must also live in the home, which can be owned or rented by that Provider. The home has to meet the local zoning requirements prior to obtaining the AHCA license. The intent behind the Adult Family Care...

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What are Advance Directives and how they work in Florida?

It’s not unusual for you or a family member to find oneself in a medical emergency where certain critical decisions pertaining to one’s health have to be made expediently. Often times people who are in emergency situations are incapacitated, whether due to legal incapacity (i.e. age), mental health or physical limitations, and are unable to make decisions for themselves. What ensues is a battle between loved ones about who has legal right to make certain decisions about your health. Out of nowhere comes an estranged spouse or distant relative who wants to make decisions that other family members feel they...

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Physician Assistants Scope of Practice Expansion in Florida

By: Arlette Rodriguez   Just as is the case with Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, the Florida Legislature has recognized that Physician Assistants (PA) are capable of performing certain health care activities that they were previously prohibited from performing. The changes are largely administrative and does not significantly increase the independent clinical services that they may provide to a patient. On June 29, 2021, the governor approved House Bill 431, which expands the scope of practice for Physician Assistants. The provisions set forth in the House Bill 431 took effect on July 1, 2021. The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the...

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Can Florida Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners Register their Autonomous Practice for Primary Care Services?

Recently, the Board of Nursing voted to approve the following revised language for adoption by rule as the definition of “primary care practice”: “Includes physical and mental health promotion, assessment, evaluation, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, patient education, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, inclusive of behavioral and mental health conditions”. This definition would be read in conjunction with Section 464.0123(3), Florida Statutes. The Board also voted to accept the recommendation, also for adoption by rule, from the Council on APRN Autonomous Practice for “standards of practice” as: “Advanced practice registered nurses who are registered pursuant to Section 464.0123, F.S., shall engage...

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Understanding the Intervention Project for Nurses Monitoring Contract

If you are a nurse (i.e. LPN, RN, APRN, etc) and have decided to participate in the Intervention Project for Nurses (“IPN”) you will first have to undergo an evaluation, which will include an interview with an IPN approved doctor and a toxicology test. After this evaluation has been completed, IPN may suggest no monitoring or require that you enter into a monitoring contract. Typically, you have roughly two weeks to sign the monitoring contract. Prior to signing the contract, you should thoroughly review the IPN Participant Manual so that you understand the requirements for participation. The last thing you want...

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What is a Professional Limited Liability Company?

By: Marcus Leonard   What is a PLLC? Many people are familiar with limited liability companies (“LLC”) including liability protection and other benefits provided by this type of business structure. Slightly different, a professional limited liability company (“PLLC”) is an LLC formed specifically by those who are licensed to provide professional services. The term “professional service” means any type of personal service to the public which requires someone to obtain a license or other legal authorization to perform such service. Many medical professionals are authorized to form PLLC’s, including chiropractic physicians, dentists, osteopathic physicians, physicians and surgeons, doctors of medicine, doctors of dentistry, and...

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