Jones Health Law Podcast: Episode 7 – Seeing Things Clearly with Ophthalmologist, Dr. Sergio Morello, Jr., M.D.

In this episode we are discussing Ophthalmology with Sergio Morello, Jr., M.D.! Dr. Morello has been practicing Ophthalmology for over 30 years in both his native Brazil as well as the United States. Dr. Morello recently partnered with a colleague to open South Florida Eye Health with locations in Sunrise and Aventura, Florida. During our discussion, Dr. Morello discussed a range of topics including: (1) Growing up in Brazil with a family of physicians and then moving to the United States to practice Medicine; (2) distinctions between Ophthalmologists and Optometrists; (3) a typical day in the office and the types of surgeries that he performs, such as Lasik and PRK; (4) frequency with which we should see an Ophthalmologist, how to monitor one’s eye health, and how lifestyle choices can affect your vision; (5) common eye diseases and how diabetes can lead to vision loss; (5) the evolution and technological advancements in ophthalmology; (6) COVID-19 vaccine’s impact on our vision; (7) balancing work and his personal life, and more.

We touch on a wide range of topics in this podcast that I know you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to listen and share with anyone that you think would be interested in listening as well.

Dr. Sergio Morello can be reached at:

Phone: 954-859-2020

Web: www.SouthFloridaEyeHealth.com

Address: 7800 W Oakland Park Blvd, Building B, Unit 205, Sunrise, FL 33351