Jones Health Law Podcast: Episode 8 – Mental Health Discussion with Psychiatrist, Dr. Aminata Cisse

In this episode we are discussing Psychiatry with Aminata Cisse, M.D.! Dr. Cisse is a board-certified psychiatrist, specializing in mental health disorders. Her blog “Am Taar Wellness” offers an integrated approach of holistic healing and traditional psychiatric care, specifically tailored to the needs of women of the African Diaspora.  During our discussion, Dr. Cisse discussed a range of topics including: (1) the distinction between a Psychiatrist and Psychologist; (2) challenges of being a black psychiatrist and for those seeking treatment; (3) a typical day in the office and finding balance; (4) the media’s impact on our perception of psychiatry; (5) myths about psychiatry and pros/cons of being a psychiatrist; (5) the impact of social media on our mental health; (6) COVID-19 vaccine’s impact on our short-term and long-term mental health; and (7) is telepsychiatry less effective than in-person consultations, and more.

We touch on a wide range of topics in this podcast that I know you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to listen and share with anyone that you think would be interested in listening as well.

Dr. Aminata Cisse can be reached at:

Instagram: @dr.amicisse

Email: amtaarwellness@gmail.com

Web: www.AmTaarWellness.com