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Jones Health Law Podcast: Episode 5 – Healthy Smiles with Pediatric Dentist Marvin Abarca

In this episode we are discussing oral health with Pediatric Dentist, Marvin Abarca, D.D.S.! Dr. Abarca is a Board-Certified Florida licensed dentist and after several years of practicing recently opened his own dental clinic called Little Champions Pediatric Dentistry. During our discussion, Dr. Abarca discussed a range of topics including: (1) His training and finishing top of his class at an HBCU, the pros & cons of being a dentist, and what a typical day is like in the office for him; (2) differences between general and pediatric dentistry; (3) how to maintain oral health in kids and teenagers; (4)...

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Jones Health Law Podcast: Episode 3 – Podiatry with Dr. Jemaar Graham

In this episode we get down and dirty with Podiatry! Dr. Jemaar Graham is a Florida licensed podiatrist who treats individuals as well as athletes who suffer from foot injuries and conditions. During our discussion, Dr. Graham discussed a range of topics including: (1) His training, practicing while black, the pros & cons of being a doctor, and what a typical day is like in the office for him; (2) Foot Fetishes and plastic surgery for feet"; (3) myths about podiatry; (4) the most common types of conditions and recovery after serious foot injuries; (5) What type of sneakers should...

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Jones Health Law Podcast: What is Health Law?

“Health Law” is broad and interdisciplinary term used to describe an area of legal practice by which certain local, state and federal laws, rules, regulations and other jurisprudence regulate individuals, the health industry, and the delivery and financing of healthcare services. Many national and state boards and associations have created rules and regulations in order to protect rights of the public and those practicing or working in the healthcare industry. While these rules and regulations are not legally binding under the color of the law, many courts view these rules favorably and they hold great weight in courtroom proceedings. Many of...

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Jones Health Law Podcast: Episode 2 – Fertility Treatment w/ Dr. Jessica Bauer

In this episode we do a deep dive into the fertility treatment process with Dr. Jessica Bauer, a Florida Licensed reproductive endocrinologist a/k/a "fertility doctor". During our discussion Dr. Bauer discussed a myriad of topics including: (1) Her training, women in medical school, the pros & cons of being a doctor, and what a typical day is like for her in the office; (2) the different types of fertility treatments that are available to women today; (3) demographics of women who suffer from fertility issues and the type of activities that could cause fertility issues; (4) mental health considerations, the...

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Jones Health Law Podcast: Episode 1 – Health Insurance

We have officially released our very first podcast episode! Click HERE to listen or below. We call this series "PERSPECTIVES" because the goal is to interview individuals who work as practitioners and professionals in the health care industry and ask them to answer focused questions about the health care industry from their perspective. In future episodes we will interview, healthcare executives, healthcare providers as well as healthcare entrepreneurs.   https://open.spotify.com/episode/2OcJ5K3h0uPluh2cdZEAYL?si=1e_SXnDkTTaJx6MbapILiQ   In this episode we discuss health insurance with licensed health insurance Agent, Oxana "Oxanacare" Parfenova. She discusses the (1) challenges of being a Health Insurance Agent; (2) how and why she got into the...

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