Jones Health Law Podcast: Episode 2 – Fertility Treatment w/ Dr. Jessica Bauer

In this episode we do a deep dive into the fertility treatment process with Dr. Jessica Bauer, a Florida Licensed reproductive endocrinologist a/k/a “fertility doctor”. During our discussion Dr. Bauer discussed a myriad of topics including: (1) Her training, women in medical school, the pros & cons of being a doctor, and what a typical day is like for her in the office; (2) the different types of fertility treatments that are available to women today; (3) demographics of women who suffer from fertility issues and the type of activities that could cause fertility issues; (4) mental health considerations, the stigma of the industry and risks associated with in vitro fertilization; (5) “designer babies” and having septuplets; (6) the highs and lows of her career so far and advice to women who are thinking of becoming a doctor, as well as, women who are struggling to get pregnant.

This episode is packed with useful information that you don’t want to miss especially if you or someone you know has been struggling to get pregnant or are thinking about storing your eggs for use at a later date. Don’t forget to listen and share with anyone that you think would be interested in listening as well.

Dr. Jessica Bauer can be reached at:

Instagram: @Jessicabauer_fertilitydoc

Phone: 561-549-9010