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Do I Need A Permit to Utilize Sedation Dentistry in Florida?

What is Sedation Dentistry? Sedation Dentistry is a mild to moderate level of sedation used to assist dental patients with attaining a temporary insensitivity to pain while remaining conscious. Typically, this is used for lengthier procedures and is also found to be very beneficial for patients that suffer from anxiety about having dental work done. What are the different types of Sedation Used? There are a few different types of sedation that can be used for dental procedures. The kind of sedation used depends on the treatment or procedure at hand and the level of anxiety the patient suffers from. There are also...

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Can a Florida Licensed Dental Hygienist Administer Anesthesia to Patients Without Supervision?

According to Florida Statute 466.023(1), Only dental hygienists may be delegated the task of removing calculus deposits, accretions, and stains from exposed surfaces of the teeth and from the gingival sulcus and the task of performing root planing and curettage. In addition, dental hygienists may expose dental X-ray films, apply topical preventive or prophylactic agents, and perform all tasks delegable by the dentist in accordance with s. 466.024. The board by rule shall determine whether such functions shall be performed under the direct, indirect, or general supervision of the dentist.   Section (3) of the aforementioned Florida Statute, states that dental hygienists may,...

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Jones Health Law Podcast: Episode 5 – Healthy Smiles with Pediatric Dentist Marvin Abarca

In this episode we are discussing oral health with Pediatric Dentist, Marvin Abarca, D.D.S.! Dr. Abarca is a Board-Certified Florida licensed dentist and after several years of practicing recently opened his own dental clinic called Little Champions Pediatric Dentistry. During our discussion, Dr. Abarca discussed a range of topics including: (1) His training and finishing top of his class at an HBCU, the pros & cons of being a dentist, and what a typical day is like in the office for him; (2) differences between general and pediatric dentistry; (3) how to maintain oral health in kids and teenagers; (4)...

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Can a Non-Dentist Own a Dental Practice in Florida?

At Jones Health Law, we receive a lot of inquiries from non-dentists who are looking to own and operate dental practices. Dental offices that are placed in high-traffic areas with good management, a diverse patient population, talented healthcare professionals, and robust marketing and advertising efforts can generate significant revenue even with declining reimbursement rates from insurers. According to the American Dental Association, the average gross billings per dentist for owner dentists in 2017 was $718,790 for a general practitioner and $1,058,630 for a specialist. With numbers like that you can see why a non-dentist might want to open a practice...

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The Truth About the Corporate Practice of Medicine, Optometry, and Dentistry in Florida

Many states place restrictions on how medical doctors, optometrists, and dentists may organize themselves and conduct business within the state. Some states place significant restrictions on these healthcare providers while others are more lenient. Several states have enacted laws that prohibit certain healthcare providers from being employed by or controlled by any corporation or business, which is not entirely owned by other physicians. This is referred to as the prohibition of the “corporate practice of medicine.” Florida is unique in many ways, including its approach to regulating how these healthcare providers can organize themselves. Florida does not place the same...

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