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Jones Health Law Podcast: Episode 4 – Dose of Reality with Pharmacist Maria Frangos

In this episode we are discussing COVID-19 and prescription medication with pharmacist, Maria Frangos! Ms. Frangos is a licensed pharmacist in the New York City area and works in a private retail pharmacy. During our discussion, Ms. Frangos discussed a range of topics including: (1) Her training, practicing as a woman, the pros & cons of being a pharmacist, and what a typical day is like in the office for her; (2) the evolution of the pharmacy industry; (3) substance abuse and diversion of prescription medication; (4) the long term effects of prescription drug abuse; (5) different types of prescription...

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Jones Health Law Podcast: Episode 1 – Health Insurance

We have officially released our very first podcast episode! Click HERE to listen or below. We call this series "PERSPECTIVES" because the goal is to interview individuals who work as practitioners and professionals in the health care industry and ask them to answer focused questions about the health care industry from their perspective. In future episodes we will interview, healthcare executives, healthcare providers as well as healthcare entrepreneurs.   https://open.spotify.com/episode/2OcJ5K3h0uPluh2cdZEAYL?si=1e_SXnDkTTaJx6MbapILiQ   In this episode we discuss health insurance with licensed health insurance Agent, Oxana "Oxanacare" Parfenova. She discusses the (1) challenges of being a Health Insurance Agent; (2) how and why she got into the...

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Criminal Liability for Rationing Medical Equipment During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Recently, a physician client called me and she was very concerned about potentially being charged with murder for rationing medical equipment, such as ventilators, during the COVID-19 Pandemic. She had been instructed by superiors to use the ventilators, which were in scarce supply, only on those patients that had the best chance of recovery. For the others, she would effectively be sentencing them to death and this caused added stress to an already stressful situation. I took the time to alleviate her concerns about potential liability and thought that I would share it with you as well.   Can I Be...

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Creates Opportunities for Use of Telehealth in Florida

I. Introduction For several years, we have discussed the practical benefits of using Telehealth or Telemedicine as a supplement to traditional medical care and not as a replacement. However, we are facing a moment in history where Emergency Rooms are becoming increasingly overwhelmed and don’t have the staff, resources, healthcare professionals, respirators, ventilators and other equipment necessary to adequately and expeditiously treat patients.  Telemedicine is becoming more essential now that countries around the world are paralyzed due to the spread of the Coronavirus which has resulted in a pandemic. Telemedicine is useful for those individuals who are unable or unwilling to travel...

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