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This is the ultimate guide for turning your aspirations into a thriving IV Hydration business. Our masterclass is your compass through the legal world of IV Hydration entrepreneurship, backed by legal healthcare expertise Jamaal R. Jones, Esq. from Jones Health Law.


Mastering Legal Foundations for Your IV Hydration Venture


Learn how to establish a robust legal framework for your IV Hydration venture. Dive into selecting the ideal business entity, securing trademarks, and creating vital agreements that protect your operations. Navigate the legal landscape with confidence, ensuring compliance with regulations and setting the stage for business success.


Navigating Compliance and Licensing with Expert Precision


Unlock insider knowledge to navigate compliance and licensing intricacies in the IV Hydration industry. Explore the differences between Home Health Agencies and Nurse Registries. Delve into requirements like Health Care Clinic Establishment Permits, Biomedical Hazard Waste Permits, and Certificates of Use and Occupancy. Understand essential documentation and protocols for maintaining a legally sound business.


From Protocols to Partnerships – Building a Resilient IV Hydration Practice


Discover the art of crafting effective protocols and standing orders that ensure quality care and legal adherence. Explore the role of medical director agreements and strategic staffing decisions, including independent contractors versus direct employees. Unveil strategies for finding the right pharmacy partner, understanding pharmacy types (503B and 503C), and aligning your operations with regulatory standards.

More About Your Instructor

Jamaal R. Jones, Esq., is the Founder and Principal Attorney of Jones Health Law. He offers comprehensive legal support to healthcare practitioners and healthcare facilities, guiding them through the intricate landscape of healthcare transactions and licensing/regulatory matters at the federal and state levels (including areas like HIPAA, HITECH, Stark law, Anti-Kickback, PPACA, ADA, and more).


Mr. Jones graduated with a concentration in Health Law from Nova Southeastern University. During his law school tenure, he gained valuable experience interning in the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit at the Florida Attorney General’s office. His professional contributions encompass a multitude of scholarly articles and numerous citations in publications covering health law topics. He has also assumed roles as a presenter and guest speaker at several universities, the Florida Department of Health, and various engagements across the state. Mr. Jones presently serves as the Chair-Elect of the Health Law Section of the Florida Bar. His legal practice extends across Florida, Tennessee, Washington D.C., and the United States Bar Supreme Court. Recognized as a Super Lawyer Rising Star in Health Law since 2017, he was distinguished with the esteemed title of the 2021 Florida Bar Health Law Section’s Most Valuable Member (Inaugural Year for the Award).


This year, Mr. Jones expanded the law firm’s services to include Title, Escrow, and Closing Services to adeptly address the clients’ commercial and residential real estate needs.

Awards & Honors

  • 2017-21 Super Lawyers Rising Star in Healthcare Law
  • 2021 Florida Bar Health Law Section’s Most Valuable Member (Inaugural Year)

Professional Memberships

  • Chair-Elect of the Health Law Section of the Florida Bar (2023-24)
  • American Bar Association – Health Law Section


  • J. Jones, Establishing a Mobile IV Therapy Clinic in Florida, Florida Medical Business, (May/June 2019).
  • J. Jones, Nurses Caught in Florida Fake Diploma Scandal Say Careers Have Been Ruined, Newsweek, (May 2023)
  • J. Jones, Successfully Operating a Multi-Disciplinary Practice, Florida Medical Business, (January 2017).


Marisol L.

What can I say about Mr. Jones? The real question is, ``What can't I say about Mr. Jones?``. The answer, I cannot say enough. There are truly no words to describe this incredible human. Mr. Jones provided me with prompt professional services that yielded the results we hoped for. Mr. Jones is a very caring and compassionate individual. His professionalism goes without say. Every time we spoke, I felt as though I was speaking to a friend. He was always reassuring and never misleading. I am, and will always be very grateful to have had him on my side. If you are ever in need of these types of services, I highly recommend Jones Health Law. I had many choices, but I will always be glad I chose him. You are truly a blessing, Mr. Jones. May you always be blessed in everything you do.

Lexington A.

Mr. Jamaal Jones has exceptional credentials, he is highly experienced and has a robust knowledge in abroad variety of health care operations and law. He has a unique combination of understanding the complexities of the legal matter and he is able to explain in a way for anyone to understand. He demonstrates the highest in professionalism, extremely meticulous and detailed, superb communication skills, and prompt follow up. He is the best health care law attorney... beyond five stars!

Madeline M.

Jamaal’s knowledge of healthcare laws puts him leaps and bounds ahead of any other law firm if you’re in the field of health services. Three prominent lawyers from different states actually referred us to Jones Health Law, and we’re so glad they did. Jamaal operates ethically, always cautious not to overrun billed hours. He’s transparent in his reporting, and he’s uber efficient. I am convinced any other lawyer would have taken twice the time to research and advise on several matters that Jamaal knew instinctively. We recommend the Jones Health Law group without reservation.

What’s In It For You

What You’ll Learn:

Dive deep into the essential aspects of launching and growing your IV Hydration Business. Our masterclass covers a wide array of topics tailored to your needs:


  • IV Hydration business structure
  • Required licenses and permits
  • Differences between Mobile vs. Storefront Locations
  • IV Hydration Documents that you’ll need
  • Establishing Pharmacy Relationships
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Staffing the business
  • Compensation Structures
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Trademarking
  • And more!
Accredited by AANP
Receive 2 Continuing Education credits; Approved by AANP #24016475

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Disclaimer: We have not entered into an attorney-client relationship due to attending this IV Hydration course. The information provided in this course is educational, and it is not intended to be considered legal advice. An attorney-client relationship will only commence after both parties have signed and a Jones Health Law representative has received the Attorney Engagement Letter and full payment of the retainer fee.

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