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Author: Jamaal R. Jones, Esq.

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Do Doctors and Nurses Have to Self-Report to the Florida Department of Health if Arrested?

In our society, Medical Professionals have always been held to a higher-than-average standard. Doctors, nurses, and physicians must abide by several professional rules of conduct that not many other employees have to keep in mind. This in turn also means that your personal life is up for scrutiny as well. Ethical standards and moral values are usually private assumptions but for those who have chosen the medical field, those normally private matters can have a deep affect your employment status. Any serious off-duty conduct issue must be reported, reviewed, and taken care of on a case-by-case basis. Florida Requirements for Self-Reporting In...

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Jones Health Law Podcast: Episode 9 – Sinus the Times with Otorhinolaryngologist Dr. Daniel Branovan

In this episode we are discussing the ear, nose, and throat with Otorhinolaryngologist, Daniel Branovan, M.D.! As the Director and Chair of the New York Ear, Nose & Throat Institute, Dr. Branovan is an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor who has served Brooklyn for 14 years, and who utilizes the most modern technology and equipment to get patients on the road to better health more quickly. He is widely known as a top provider of minimally-invasive sinus surgery. Recently, Dr. Branovan has opened a second medical office in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Dr. Branovan studied medicine at Stanford University and completed his...

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Jones Health Law Podcast: Episode 9 – STEMulating Conversation with Software Architect Consultant, Ms. Keiana Chisholm

In this episode we are discussing Tech and STEM with Software Architect Consultant, Keiana Chisholm! Keiana Chisholm is a 12-year software architecture consultant for her firm, “Chisholm Perennial Solutions.” Her firm consults on software architecture and engineering with a focus on healthcare systems. She received a bachelor’s degree in health services administration from Florida International University in Miami, FL and a Master of Science in Health Informatics from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Keiana also owns and operates “The STEM Kidz” a STEM toy focused e-commerce site. She founded the charitable initiative the “Chisholm Perennial International Foundation” in 2018, which...

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